General Terms and Conditions for Grant Funding

The following terms and conditions apply to all projects and institutions (recipients) funded by the AlphaFoundation®.

Use of grant funds for stated purpose
The funds awarded are earmarked. Recipients agree to use the funds or other financial benefits granted under the Grant Agreement exclusively for the approved project or sub-project. Changes in content, postponements, changes in participants, etc. must be discussed with us. We must be informed immediately of any proposed changes, as any change could lead to the loss of the right to the promised funding. The funding for the modified project will only continue if we have renewed our written consent. We reserve the right not to disburse promised funds or to reclaim funds already paid out from recipients if changes to the project are not approved.

Repayment of grant monies for canceled projects
If the project is not carried out, we reserve the right to ask that funds already disbursed be repaid. If a project is canceled or not carried out, recipients agree to return the grant funds already disbursed immediately without request and to inform us immediately in writing of the reason for the cancellation.

Recipients will keep the Foundation informed about the course of the project as agreed.

AlphaFoundation® publications
Beneficiaries agree to our public reporting (on- and offline) about the project or institution.

Recipients are exclusively liable for the content and implementation of their projects and events.

Obligatory notification of changes to the terms of agreementRecipients must report any changes they make to the originally agreed conditions of support to AlphaFoundation® immediately. This applies in particular to:

  • Address changes
  • Significant changes regarding budget planning and/or financing of the project

Recipients agree to refer to the AlphaFoundation®'s support in all project-related media work (online and off). For project support our logo is to be used. The naming and placement of the logo must clearly indicate which project or which sub-project was supported by the Foundation. Images and footage sent to AlphaFoundation® as part of the application process and reporting can be published on the website with the words "Provided by".